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 Our history . . .

International Track Systems, Inc. (ITS), founded by Nelson Kay Moses in 1937 under its original name of Railroad Permanent Way, began operations in 1969 under the newly-incorporated name in the state of Delaware in 1969. Our company had been previously incorporated in the state of Florida in 1954 by Mr. Moses as Railroad Rubber Products, Inc.

In 1937 Railroad Permanent Way placed the first rubber tie pads under the tie plates at the Pennsylvania Railroad Station in Akron, OH. Thus began a long career of using rubber for noise abatement and vibration attenuation.

In the late 1950s Railroad Rubber Products Inc. worked with the New York City Transit Authority to develop a rubber rail seat that encapsulated the rail. This was used on over 700 miles of both the subway and overhead rails in New York.

In the late 1970s International Track Systems, Inc. came up with the masticated rubber tie pad to replace the SBR rubber pads used up until that time. The masticated rubber was a much tougher material and allowed railroad maintenance to drive spikes through the material without the worry of the material tearing as it did with the original material. This masticated rubber is used by most railroads and transit systems to this day.

Today, besides any type of rubber for any type of application being available, International Track Systems, Inc. also has available many types of plastic, including high density polyethylene used in tie pads and shims for railroads and transit systems. ITS can produce this product to meet any specification outlined by our customers.

The corporate commitment of International Track Systems Inc. is to continue to produce, develop and supply products from rubber and plastic for the railroads and transits of North America.

We currently have several captive rubber and plastic manufacturing plants which are ready and willing to continue to produce the type of products we demand at a price that is attractive to our customers.


 Our future . . .

We are committed to continue supplying quality products to our customers and providing attention to detail for their specific needs.

Our diversification and expansion in the international transit market and our continued resolve to provide environmentally-sensitive products toward a goal of common global preservation allows us to offer our present and future customers a greater selection of products.

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