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O U R   N E W
P R O D U C T   L I N E

Rubber and Plastic
Railroad Products
International Track Systems, Inc. has been providing innovative solutions for railroads since 1937. Our rubber and plastic products are used to isolate stray current, eliminate stray current corrosion, reduce noise and vibration, eliminate rail seat abrasion, reduce wear and tear by reducing track stiffness, and much more.
We serve light rail, heavy rail, transit and freight lines and are dedicated to making the railways smoother, quieter and easier to maintain. We have all types of rubber compounds, including: SBR, EPDM, Nitrile, Natural, Masticated, Neoprene, Urethane, Hypalon and more. We offer several plastics, including HDPE and UHMW high performance plastics.
We also offer our
EcoRailJ Products, which are engineered to provide an environmentally beneficial solution for railroads and transits. We use premium recycled high density plastics.

Composite Sleepers C
The EcoRail
J GPT is a stronger, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative to wood ties
A proprietary mix of premium recycled HDPE and other engineered composites creates a stronger, longer-lasting, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to wood sleepers. Our EcoRail
J GPT Composite Railroad Tie is designed to last 50 years. This design is already in place in some of the largest transits and railroads in the world, including New Jersey, Chicago, New Orleans, New York City and many more.
Our composite ties are flow-molded to eliminate voids. Our tight-knit production process, combined with 70 years of experience in the railroad industry, translates into superior quality. This means less time and money spent on inspecting, replacing, and maintaining the cross ties. By eliminating worries about shake, split, knots, decay and other problems, more resources can be applied elsewhere.
Our Composite Sleepers can be smooth or textured like wood. We can fabricate the tie to your specification, including built-in rail seats, pre-drilled pilot holes, dimples to allow gripping of the ballast and more.
The environmental benefits of the composite tie are enormous!
The composites are naturally impervious to moisture, decay, insects and many other factors, and therefore do not require hazardous chemicals to treat them. Wood is a limited resource, whereas plastics are not.
We are not just a plastics manufacturer, we know railroads! Longer-lasting, reduced vibration, reduced maintenance, no hazardous chemicals, no decay or insect problems, environmentally beneficial, no quality issues. We kept all the great things about wood and left the bad things behind!
Physical properties and literature are available upon request.

Geomembranes C
Stray current isolation and chemical containment

The EcoRail
J Geomembrane is made with Dupont Elvaloy7 and is designed to outline the trackwork underground and provide a layer of protection against stray current and chemical penetration.
We have supplied the Geomembrane to Phoenix Light Valley Metro. It is also in place in Portland's Light Rail system and various landfills and potable water sites.
The Geomembrane has a nylon-reinforced coating with great anti-permeability properties. It is in service in hot and cold climates. This highly-engineered polymer membrane is top-of-the-line and has been tested by the top independent laboratories in the USA.
Physical properties and samples are available upon request.

High Density Polyethylene Plastic Track Components

High Density Plastic offers great compression and abrasion resistance. Our HDPE shims come in natural and black. We produce standard HDPE shims as well as our recycled EcoRail
J Shim. These are often used in leveling track during construction and are a very cost effective alternative to steel shims. These are great for installing between steel and concrete to reduce abrasion, vibration and noise. We can custom fabricate your HDPE part.
Samples and physical properties are available upon request.
UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) plastics are also available.

Masticated Rubber Tie Pads C
J Tie-Saver Masticated Tie Pad is designed to prevent the tie plate from cutting into the tie
Our Masticated Tie Pad, the EcoRail
J Tie-Saver, is made with premium recycled rubber and reinforced with randomly-dispersed nylon fabric. With an average tensile strength of over 1,000 psi, the EcoRailJ Tie-Saver is the most durable rubber tie pad on the market. Our Masticated Rubber Tie Pad -- or sleeper pad -- also disperses vibration and shock.
Physical properties and samples are available upon request.

Noise and Vibration Control C
Rubber Rail Seats, Tie Pads, Abrasion Plates and more

We design and manufacture various rubber and plastic components, which reduce noise, shock and vibration. Our most popular products include: Rubber Rail Seats, Masticated Sleeper and Under-Sleeper Pads, Ballast Mat, Rubber Tie Plates, Rail Pads, Rail Boots and more.

These products are made with
and are designed to provide an
environmentally-friendly solution for the railroads.

The EcoRailJ GPT Composite Sleeper by International Track Systems, Inc. is made to last 50 years.

The EcoRailJ GPT Composite Sleeper is ready for installation on a job site in Ohio. The Composite Tie undergoes a tight-knit flow-molding process to ensure performance and quality.

Wood ties have a long tradition of success. They also have a long tradition of problems. This photograph is showing "split" in an unused sleeper. Eliminate high maintenance and inspection costs with the EcoRailJ GPT.

The PerfectionJ Rubber Rail Seat and the ITS Rubber Tie Plate offer great vibration and noise reduction as well as offer protection against stray current corrosion.

This diagram shows some of our most common products. We also custom manufacture parts to the railroad's specifications.

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